Graphic Design

Our experienced in house Graphic designers have years of experience in the industry to be able to turn your ideas and concepts into cutting edge designs. From producing a simple Logo to a whole Brand Identity for your business, we can provide the whole portfolio of design concepts to make your printed material engage with the customer. We can also provide design for the Web and help with your social media contents and most importantly at down to earth prices. 

Digital Printing​

We have one of the most up to date Xerox Digital printer working to a maximum format of SRA3 (450 x 320MM) and can print up to a 400 gram Board if required. Ideal for all you small and medium run jobs. We offer a quick and efficient service to the highest quality with a huge range of paper stock available.

Hot Foil Printing

This is our specialist area of expertise – we have been hot foiling various amounts of products and stationery for over 25 years. 

We can traditionally hot foil print onto your stationery or you may decide you like a combination of both digital and foil printing. 

Hot foil printing is know traditionally for gold and silver foils – however, there are hundreds of colours available including:

  • Matt and gloss colours
  • Holographic foils
  • Pearlescent foils
  • Matte metallic foils 

In order to hand print your stationery/product; we require a magnesium plate to make the image from. Prices start from £27 + VAT and go up to £100 + VAT depending on the size you require. 

Please visit our Hot Foil Page for a more detailed look at Hot Foiling.


*Holographic foil is a great way to lift a design, but use it sparingly to create a more dramatic effect. 

Debossing & Embossing

Debossing is a slight indention of the print into the card, which is more apparent with touch and embossing is where a raised profile is created during the print process. 

Both debossing and embossing are very popular especially when creating wedding stationery and business cards. We can deboss your design for a slight increase in cost – as we have to have the foiling plate made deeper. 

  • We are able to emboss your design onto stock up to 400gram. Anything beyond this weight will not emboss successfully. 
  • To emboss and hot foil print together we will require an extra foiling and embossing plate. Please allow this in your cost calculation as is makes the process longer and requires more work. 


*For a good deboss print we suggest that you use stock of 540gram and above as it produces the best results. Lower gram paper will not produce a very deep image.

For embossing we suggest the stock should be around 400gram.

Edge Gilding

Edge gilding is the application of foil to the edge of card and paper stocks. Normally this is in metallic colours such as gold and silver, but can be in a wide range of other metallic and non-metallic colours. 

The process is done by hand; in our case we use a gilding iron. And we recommend using a stock above 300gram, as lesser stocks do not show up very well. 

Edge gilding adds a beautiful touch especially to wedding stationery as it creates a touch of decadence, but is also very popular when used on business cards to create a luxurious touch. 

As gilding is hand crafted, please allow 2-3 working days for this process.


For a really luxurious finish to your printed items, or to add a wipe-able finish, we can add a layer of gloss or matt laminate to one or both sides. This can be applied to items up to A3+ in size.

Laser Cutting Service

We are able to offer a Laser cutting and engraving services up to 600 x 300mm in size onto a wide variety of Substrates including, Wood, Board, Acrylics, Traflite, Slate, MDF just to name a few. Your designs can be transformed into products for Signage, Promotional Goods, Personalization and so much more. Please contact us for further information.