Printing Machines

Refurbished Second hand Machines

second hand printing machineWe always have in stock a wide variety of second hand machines available to buy, stock does vary according to availability, but currently we stock approx. 13 – 18 machines at any one time.

Second hand machines are a very viable alternative to a brand new machine and can save you anything between 33% – 50% on the price of a new machine. A lot of people think that second hand machines are inferior to a brand new machine, this is not true and they provide an excellent alternative to a new machine at a fraction of the cost and when setting up a new venture money is often tight when you have to budget for anything else you require.

second hand printing machine Particularly with British made second hand machines they are so robust and well made they last for a long time , this is British engineering at its best. Even though some machines may look a little old and antiquated this often belies there capacity for providing excellent results consistently day in and day out. We are still using machines sometimes 35 and 40 years old that are as good as the day they were made and to be honest we prefer some of the older models to some of the newer designs.


second hand printing machineWe do favour British Made Machines and although you will find some cheaper alternatives on the market in our opinion they do not always offer the best value for money – although we do stock them from time to time and they are ideal for smaller jobs and runs. We openly admit you can find some machines cheaper in price than the ones we offer, but we provide training and support , are recognised within the industry and give our machines a full 3 month guarantee as well as a buy back price promise when you wish to upgrade or sell your machine.

second hand printing machineWe stock both Platen and Flatbed Machines and specialise in the hand operated machines, we do not normally deal with anything larger than the table top variety, but if you wish for larger machinery we can put you in touch with other suppliers who will be more than happy to assist you.

We are agents for one of the only two manufacturers of new platen machines in the country POLYDIAM and stock the following variety of second hand makes.

Marshall ‘s (British Made) Models commonly available Series 80,82,95,98,5,5a,76

Marshall´s. (Now trading as Colourfoil)

British Made

They were the most prolific makers of Hot Foil Machines in this country, they made both Flat Bed Machines and Platen Style Machines. Some years ago they also took over the manufacture of Impress Machines as well. In recent years they have changed their name to Colourfoil. I have to be honest as I favour these machines because I think they are so well made.

Platen Machines

Series 80 6 x 4″ print area

Series 82 8 x 6″ print area

Series 95 & 98 9 x 6″ print area

DUT 21 7 x 4″ print area ( although this machine was made by Marshalls it was sold by company called Creative Printers, do not get the old DUT 21 model mixed up with new DUT 21 Model that is made by Polydiam and called the HF85)

Flat Bed Machines

Series 3 3 x 2″ print area, this does vary according to variations in model

Series 3T Based on the above often used for printing Pen´s and Pencils and Can be Semi – Automated

Series 5 3 x 4″ print area

Series 5A 6 x 4″ print area you can find models with larger print area´s

Quite a rare model

Series 2 Used by bookbinders and a rare machine to find

Series 76 3 x 1″ print area and often sold to photographers to put names

Photo´s and photo mounts

Polydiam Industries

British Made

Second hand machines are just starting to come onto the market as these are relatively new machines they have taken all the attributes of all the other platen style machines on the market and rolled all the good points into one machine the HF85

CPL1 8 x 5″ print area the first machine to be made by Polydiam and Often sold through Creative Printers from London .

HF85 The current machine on the market some of the earlier machines Can be found second hand


British Made

Based out of North London and reputedly invented the Platen Style Machine. Only ever produced 2 models, these machines are often favoured by people who like to Print Rosettes.

Blockmaster 53 5 x 3″ print area Platen

Blockmaster 85 8 x 5″ print area Platen with the addition of a Blockmaster Die Mounting block this is extended to 9 x 6″ print area


British Made

Platen Based out of the East Midlands their machines were copied by Print UK and they look similar to the untrained eye, so do not get them confused.

Magmark 53 5 x 3″ print area the baby of the family ideal for business cards

Magmark GP74 7 x 4″ print area the most common model they produced

Magmark HD96 9 x 6″ print area this is not the most common model they made

But is the machine of choice for the Rosette Maker because of its Large print area and upright Type Holder.


British Made Impress were almost the Rolls Royce of Hand Flat Bed Machines although they made a huge number of models for larger industrial printing jobs.

HM3 5 x 4″ print area with upto a 4″ Throat

HM4 6 x 6″ print area they also made a larger version with a 8 x 6″

Print area.


British Made machine out of Aylesbury they sold in reasonable numbers in the 1980´s Flatbed Machine

Goldprint 425 4 x 2.5″ Print area flat bed

Sigrant Goldprint

Imported Machine from Denmark

Model 235 2 x 3.5″ print area flat bed machine

SheenPrint/SLE1000 or Marshall 1000

An imported machine from the Far East and sold by several companies in this country and hence the various names that it may go under.

5 x 3″ print area flat bed ,

A small Hobby style Machine


British Made Platen Machines

Made in Mansfield and a copy of another British Made Machine. It is doubtful I will stock any of these machines secondhand ! because of the quality of production

Print UK 9 x 6 9 x 6″

Print Area Print UK 10 x 12 10 x 12″ Print Area


Imported Machines from the Far East and sold in large numbers in the 1980´s and 1990´s and are still being sold today. All Flat bed machines and the large ones are very well engineered.

Flat Beds

Kobo TC180 7 x 4″ print area the baby of the bunch and sold in great numbers , again a small hobby styel machine and not great for longer production runs.

Kobo 801 7 x 4″ print area a much bigger machine than the TC180 with the Addition of a 4″ throat capability

Kobo 831 8 x 5 print area

Kobo KB 338 8 x 5 print area current model and a good machine

Other models were also released and sold in various numbers

Franklin American Made Machines

The only ones you really find in this country are the small hand models designed to put initials on items such as Wallets and Keyfobs in Shops

PB & E

Stands for Philips Brothers and Ellis and they still make larger marking machines and based in Slough, Berks. Known as good quality machines

British Made Machines

Flat Beds

Normally associated with larger industrial machines auto and semi auto , but also produced a hand machine called the Star Hand with a 4 x 3″ print area

CPL ( Creative Printers of London)

They now import a small machine that they have named the Baby DUT from Asia . this machine is basically a Kobo 800 model a very small hobby machine and not suitable for larger production runs or professional work.

New DUT 21. Try not to confuse this machine with the Marshalls DUT 21 which they used to sell. This machine is in fact a Polydiam HF85 just marketed under a different name.

Other machines that may be available Kwikprint, Howard or Kis all imported machines that I come across from time to time.